Megan is a senior Cinema & Media Arts major at Biola University. She set up and runs the campus VR lab where she regularly shows students the capabilities of VR. She founded and is President of Biola’s VR Club, which aims to educate students about emerging media both on and off campus. In 2018, she was a fellow for Oculus Launch Pad where she 3D-modeled for a VR experience called Therefore I Am, created by students at USC. She also created her own animated 360 film, Solstice, entirely in VR using Google Tilt Brush. She was a teaching assistant for the Professor of Game Design and Interactive Media at Biola University. Her work there helped build the curriculum for the upcoming emphasis and major.  Most recently, she directed and developed a vR experience, Avion, leading a team of 30-40 students, alumni and industry professionals. She’s a member of Women in Animation, Kaleidoscope, SMPTE and a former mentee in the AR/VR Academy. She values collaboration, thinking big and combining art and technology.
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